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July 22, 2010

Excerpts from my life

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Today I am talking about a change I never expected in my life, but happened. Be it a perspective, or personal opinion things turned to be more easier now than before. Yeah this change is with me only. It was hard to stick to something for me. Neither I roll on it for long nor I leave it. I was like having 100 legs with each single leg on a different boat. Some luck tracked me to a good direction with a job offer. I would say its a big boat or cruise where I kept some of my legs. In short, I touched areas like dance, music, Artificial Intelligence, billiards, swimming, movie making, trekking, poetry, cookery, history reading, reading international relations of different countries, finance, etc… None of these are easy to master. Nor I showed any interest after sometime.

But things changed drastically after marriage. The lone fighter became more responsible. Now that the targets are getting cleared. Priorities are making me happy. Achievement are in queue. Role playing became a easy sip. What happened to me? The question is unanswered.


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